Canada Medical Flights & Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Canada: If you are in need of Medevac or medical air transportation services for yourself or a loved one within Canada or almost anywhere in the world, Air Ambulance Worldwide provides medical flight services that cater to each patient’s specific medical condition. Whether the patient has been injured or fallen ill while on vacation, is relocating to be closer to family for support, or would simply like the peace of mind that a medical companion can provide on a commercial flight, we are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical Flights Anywhere in Canada

Air Ambulance Worldwide provides air ambulance and medical flight services from anywhere in Canada to or from anywhere on the planet. We can coordinate a bed-to-bed transfer from hospital to hospital, or from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility.

Air Ambulance Worldwide also has specialized, dedicated medical personnel who can provide medical escort services on commercial flights.

A private fleet of specialized aircraft to provide safe air ambulance service

With a fleet of private jets, our medical flights can originate or go to both rural and urban areas, using more convenient airfields than just large international airports. We own and maintain our own fleet of fixed-wing aircraft that are fully staffed with doctors and nurses capable of caring for almost any medical condition.

Our commitment to safety has earned us both EURAMI accreditation and an ARGUS Gold safety rating, which is only awarded to medical flight providers who adhere to the world’s most stringent safety protocols, so we can get your or your loved one to your destination safely.

Air Ambulances Alberta, Calgary & Edmonton

When you or a loved one need a convenient air ambulance service in Alberta, Air Ambulance Worldwide can assist with the arrangements. With numerous options for private planes, commercial medical escorts, or commercial stretcher transfers, we can work with you to find the air ambulance that provides the right level of care and fits your budget.

Medical Flights in British Columbia, Vancouver & Victoria

Air Ambulance Worldwide also specializes in medical flights & medical evacuations to or from anywhere in British Columbia. Our private jets can fly in and out of more convenient or more remote airports, allowing for more convenient transfers for you or a loved one. Learn more about our British Columbia medical flights today.

Our private medical jets can transfer from British Columbia to the US, Asia, Europe, South America or anywhere else in the world.

Air Ambulances Montreal

In Montreal, Air Ambulance Worldwide provides medical flight services and other medical transfers by air. We service North America & worldwide, so you or your loved one can transfer to a different care facility as needed.

Our commercial medical escort services can assist you or a loved one on a commercial flight, helping save money while still receiving the care needed. Or, if a higher level of care is needed, our private air ambulance jets are staffed with dedicated, trained medical personnel to ensure a safe transfer.

Do you Offer Medical Flights to or from Quebec?

Medical Flights to and from Quebec help you or a loved one transfer safely and comfortably. With services from any hospital in Quebec, Air Ambulance Worldwide can help coordinate a medical flight in North America or worldwide.

Medical Flights Toronto & Ontario

Air Ambulance Worldwide offers medical flight services across the greater Toronto area, Ontario and all of Canada – to anywhere in the world. Our skilled support staff are available 24-hours a day to handle all the logistics of your medical flight as well as answer any insurance questions.

How Much Does a Canada Medical Flight Cost?

Each medical flight to or from Canada is specifically quoted and depends on a number of factors. These factors can include the level of care the patient needs, the distance to be traveled, the current location of the airplanes and more.

If possible, depending on the patient’s condition and needs, our team will work to evaluate our commercial medical escort services instead of a chartered jet. Our dedicated Canada Medical Flight Specialists will work with you and your specific situation to generate a flight quote that is as competitive as possible.

Representatives are available 24/7. Call today for your custom Canada Medical Flight quote.