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Air Ambulance, Medical Escort, and Commercial Airline Stretcher Services for Patients Across the Globe

Air Ambulance Worldwide is a medical air service provider that you can depend on when you need to move a loved one with special medical needs anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of medical flight services, from our medical bed-to-bed private air ambulance service for patients with the most urgent medical needs, to our non-emergency medical escort service, in which one of our highly trained staff members accompanies a patient on a commercial flight. We’ll use our extensive experience and expertise to help you determine which service would be best for the patient’s specific medical needs, including arranging for a commercial stretcher if appropriate. No matter which service you need, our friendly and knowledgeable flight coordinators will plan and oversee every aspect of the transfer.

When patients entrust Air Ambulance Worldwide for medical air service, they know that they’re in the hands of capable industry professionals. That’s because all of our medical team members have at least five years of ICU/ER experience, and our full-time, seasoned pilots have an average of 14,000 flight hours.  Our crews can accommodate many high-risk patients that other companies simply won’t or can’t. Our comprehensive care also sets us apart. We will help you manage every detail of the transfer, and we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive quote up front – no hidden fees.

Medical Flight Services with the Highest Emphasis on Safety

At Air Ambulance Worldwide, patient care and safety is our number one concern. We go above and beyond in every measure to bring our patients and their families the peace of mind that they deserve during a very stressful time. This includes having an insurance specialist on staff, dedicated to helping our patients receive all of the compensation they’re entitled to. To us, a sanitary flight environment is critically important. That’s why we completely disinfect our flight cabins with Saniswiss sanitation machines after every transport. Also, our affiliate, Air GATO Enterprises, which manages all of our aircrafts, is an ARGUS Gold safety-rated company, demonstrating an exemplary flight safety record. Plus, Air Ambulance Worldwide has received the prestigious EURAMI accreditation, which is only given to mobile air service providers that feature exceptional medical protocols and safety records in aviation.

If you would like to learn more about our air ambulance, medical escort, or commercial stretcher services, please call 727-781-1198 or e-mail us today. We truly service the world, whether you need to move a loved one across the US from Arizona to Florida, from the UK to Central America, or anywhere between and beyond.


To Air Ambulance Worldwide,

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Our sincere thanks,
James G. Dukovic