Dear Erin and Team,

On Friday, October 14, 2022, and while in Boston, my wife slipped on a wet pavement and broke her leg. With two surgeries, there was no way I could put her on a commercial 10 hr. light to Little Rock, AR, and another hour to a rehab center. I contacted Air Ambulance Worldwide and talked to Erin, and from the start, Erin took a special interest and arranged for a flight back to Hot Springs for admission in a rehab center. On Friday, 10/21/22 Air Ambulance EMTs Lindsey and Andy showed up at my wife’s hospital room, moved her onto the ambulance stretcher/gurney with two Boston ambulance service drivers helping, loaded us into the ambulance, and drove the 20 miles to the Bedford airport and to close proximity of the plane. My wife was moved into the plane (plane’s stretcher gurney anchored), hooked up to sophisticated monitoring equipment, and we were airborne within minutes. Upon arrival to Hot Springs, an ambulance was waiting, my wife was moved first into the ambulance, and then into her bed at the rehab center. Andy shook my hand, wished us well, and stated: ”Mr. Halaby, our service is bed to bed.”

I wish to express our deep gratitude for a superlative job undertaken by professionals of the highest caliber. Erin worked with me for 3 days. EMTs Lindsey and Andy went beyond the call of duty, and Pilot Bob and assistant Pilot Mark delivered a smooth flight of just over 3 hours. All this to say that the out of pocket money I had to spend to bring the love of my life home and into rehab is the best money I will have ever spent. I recommend this outfit Very Highly. Thank you Erin, Lindsey, Andy, Bob, and Mark.

Good Evening Ryan,


What a day; What a week!


We arrived in our home town safe and sound. Thank you GOD for AAW💚


The entire crew were prompt, efficient, kind, empathetic, caring and brought ease to the stressful situation. Both attendees, Laura and Craig were two angels sent to our side. I’m in tears of gratitude… This was such a devastating ordeal never experienced nor anticipated by us. The staff, including you- Ryan, made it smooth and brought about assurance and a spirit of peace.  The pilots were kind, professional and provided a smooth flight from Cancun to Baltimore MD.


My husband was in good hands as the staff were attentive to his needs. For this I’m forever grateful. They provided me, personally with assurance and compassion as I was understandably stressed out.  I certainly would recommend AAW if any family ever needs an emergency medical evacuation.


Again, thank you and GOD Bless,


Baltimore MD

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to Tim, Lauren and the team that picked me up.

From start to finish the services Air Ambulance provided were stupendous!

My boyfriend and I were extremely concerned about how to transport me given that I could not walk.  With a dislocated hip, I was completely incapacitated.

Your crew arrived at the hotel in the Bahamas and from the minute they walked in through delivering me to the hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, they paid careful attention to every detail of my care, comfort and safety.

I am so grateful for the professionalism, expertise and “bedside manner” of everyone involved.

I am happy to report that my hip is back in place.  I was released from the hospital last night and was able to sleep in the comfort of a hotel room.

Please let everyone know that my health has been restored and that I appreciate everything they did for me.

Warmest Regards,

On behalf of our entire family, I wish to offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the help you provided in airlifting my beloved from Jamaica to New York. Your entire staff was excellent.

My first contact was with Monica and later with Lauren. These ladies were very helpful, understanding and pleasant to interact with, empathetic and a credit to your organization. Captain John and First Officer Andrew were highly skilled, very professional and did an excellent job. The inflight medical team of Peter and Les did an admirable job caring for the patient throughout the flight. They were diligent, caring, understanding and were all around just wonderful people. Tim, your Director of Medical Services was most helpful. He kept in constant communication with me from “wheels up” out of Jamaica, to “touch down” in Nassau; “wheels up” out of Nassau to “touch down” in New Jersey and land transfer to New York. His was a comforting voice which calmed and reassured me and the rest of my family.

We all thank you for all that everyone did to successfully rescue my beloved from what would have been certain death and bringing her safely to a place where she is receiving the excellent medical care she deserves.

Once again, we thank you!

– G.G.

My family wanted to say a big thank you to the staff and crew of Air Ambulance Worldwide.  From my first contact with Lauren, I knew this company would be compassionate and take great care with transporting my ill brother from Florida back to Canada.  They seamlessly arranged bed-to-bed transport and took care of the details so we could concentrate and be with my brother.  Tim and Monica were very helpful and the pilots were very professional.  Roger and Brian were very attentive with my brother’s medical needs and made me feel comfortable traveling with them.  We all want the best for our loved ones and Air Ambulance Worldwide was the best from beginning to end.

– H.G.

Thank you for your follow up message today, sorry I did not hear my phone.

The flight went very smoothly… Tim was a Godsend!!!!!  He handled Bill and his problems very professionally, which gave Bill confidence and kept him calm.  I can’t imagine how I would have coped without him.  The wheelchair vans and crews on both ends were very helpful too.

Thanks for your help with all of the arrangements too!

– S.A.

On Wednesday Feb 11, Alex and Melissa transported my very sick son and I from Barbados to Toronto.

Alex and Melissa saved my son’s life and went way above and beyond what they needed to do to keep me calm and informed. I was watching my son die in front of my eyes in the hospital but from the minute they took over patient care from the staff at QEH in Barbados I knew he would get better.

They didn’t just treat Ashton like a patient but spent time talking to him and treating him like one of their own kids and it is obvious they are both very passionate about their jobs and the quality care they provide. I am a paramedic myself so I know how much extra they did.

Both sets of pilots were outstanding to pointing out things for Ashton to look at on the way home as they knew he has a passion for anything airplanes.

An amazing job by amazing people and saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough!!!!!

– I.S.

Thank you – I have to say that the service was superb, from the transport itself, which went flawlessly, to the regular, professional and friendly communication throughout the process. I would highly recommend your company to anyone!

– RD

Ryan, Melanie et al:

I want you to know how much our family appreciates the outstanding job you did on returning R from Paris. We are very impressed with the transition arrangements made for his admission to the hospital. The entry directly into his room with all of the attending staff available was most helpful.

Just to bring you up to date, he is now in hospice care which we arranged shortly after hearing his prognosis. This was in accordance with his previously and emphatically expressed wishes.

Thank you from all of his family for your excellent service.
– SW


I want to thank both Lynne and Peter for taking such good care of my daughter Krista picking my family up in Anguilla and getting us home to New York and to NYU hospital.

Krista was operated on both legs and is resting comfortably at home.

Thanks again – JM

Good Morning Ryan!

It is necessary to express to you and especially to the crew – Melissa and Tim and the two pilots – my profound gratitude for transport on August 13, 2014.

Choosing Air Ambulance Worldwide for our transportation to New York from Florida was a huge leap of faith for me. To create the trip on line; to spend that amount of money; to trust that my very ill uncle would be well taken care of were all pretty daunting. But my faith was rewarded ten fold.

I was so impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of all. I much appreciated the great care taken with my uncle and the effort to keep him as comfortable as possible. Everyone was very solicitous of me fully appreciating the stress I was experiencing and seeing to my comfort and peace of mind.

And the crew was on time every step of the way. I was so impressed.

Please share this message with all of the crew.

Be assured of my prayers for the safety and success of all your ‘missions’.

With deepest gratitude,

– HP


Joyce called and they were in the ground ambulance going to the rehab center. She said the flight was smooth, the crew were all great and the trip went well for dad. Once he gets settled in, we will all rest easy.

Again, thank you for all of your help, the company’s kindness with the upgrade to the Piaggio and your terrific professionalism, caring concerns and effectiveness! It is greatly appreciated.

Please share this with Mark Jones and your associates that have been involved as well.

Great job!

Thanks so much and all the best,

Glenn, Joyce, dad and the entire family


This is just a note to commend you on your air ambulance service.  In particular, you have one of the most professional, helpful and personable contacts in Melanie Prisuta.  Melanie dealt with us for the entire week that it took us to get the US health system and the Canadian health systems communicating.  She remained patient and offered help above and beyond what we could have expected.

Your pilots and inflight medical staff were similarly professional and personable.

Please pass on our thanks and a well deserved commendation to Melanie and the flight staff.


Dan M.

Tim, Melanie and Mark,

Thank you for taking such great care of my Mom and Dad and assisting our family in putting this trip altogether in such an amazingly short period of time. It was clear from our first conversation that your organization was the best choice as you provided far more information than any other about the process, options, etc. Excellent people, excellent service. You got our Mother back home quickly, safely and with the best care. Can’t thank you enough.

Take care,

I would like to commend Lynne and Tim, for your outstanding work. You both were very knowledgeable and displayed an exceptional level of compassion and loyalty. Both of you were very caring and showed a great deal of empathy for your patients. Your professionalism, work ethic, dedication and caring attitude made us/her feel at home. Tim and Lynne truly went above and beyond what one would expect.  Both kept my mother and the family informed and involved in the plan of care and quickly addressed any questions we had with educated responses.  You made my mother feel as if she were being cared for by her own family member.

Thank you!

– AP

Cindy and I cannot adequately express our appreciation for the great service we received from Dr. Kolettis and Lynne on our recent “bed to bed” flight from Tortola to Fort Lauderdale. We were not only well cared for, but we made new friends!! I cannot imagine a more professional, competent and enjoyable flight team!!

With warmest regards,
Brad C.

Hello Melanie and Lauren,

I want to thank you both personally for all you both did to help me arrange the transport my father-in-law Max from Naples to Chicago on Saturday.  The whole operation was so very professionally handled and he was so thankful to have the private jet to get home.  It became clear to my wife Jennifer and me that he could not have handled a commercial flight, as his health was deteriorating quickly.

Max passed away in his home on Monday morning with both of us at his bed side.  He was right where he wanted to be — in his home, with family.  And I can’t thank you enough for the way you handled our situation.  I also want to tell you that the flight crew were just invaluable to Jennifer and Max.  Please extend our thanks to them.

With deepest gratitude,

Mr. Jones,

I am truly thankful for all the time you spent with me on the phone.  I am an intelligent detailed medical person and your conversation covered everything I needed.  You answered all my questions and there aren’t too many people in my life that can amaze me with being two steps in front of me. Your instruction and information was spot on.  Never change your template for discussion with those that call…yours was perfect.

Our family member did pass away in Panama.  We had started making arrangements for the financial part to be able to utilize your service but I guess she was just too tired.  Our hearts are saddened and we are devastated.  Please know what a major comfort you gave our family for with you…we could indeed bring her home.  The whole family was on board with using you and the decision was made.  It was up to me to get back in contact with you.  We are shocked that this happened during a vacation but I guess glad we didn’t have to witness her massive stroke and we can remember her as a healthy bouncing person.

Again, you gave us hope.  You gave us comfort.  You and your company are a blessing.  I will never hesitate to recommend you. Knowing you could bring her home was probably the last time we breathed.

Thank you,

I want to write to you to let you know how grateful I am and my entire family for the SUPERB air transfer you provided for my mother Marian Perkins from Chicago to Lake Worth Fla.  All we had to say was WOW!  The entire staff was very professional and caring from the pick up all the way to  my home.  They went up and beyond their call  of duty. If I know anyone ever needing such service you would  be my number one recommendation.

Thank you for providing such a smooth transition.

Mary Stratis

You never disappoint Lauren! Thank you so much for the unbelievable support throughout the last few days. You gave us comfort at a really difficult time. I am convinced that hiring your company is one of the best decisions that I ever made. I wish you the very best. Please give my thanks to Melanie and Mark as well.

Thank you!
– Farah Hashi

Dear Mark,

From the moment I found your Ad on the web, to the moment my sister, Mel and I first spoke to you, we were very impressed with the level of care and professionalism.  When the medical team and pilots of the aircraft arrived into Belize to pick up my father, we were impressed by the caring, thorough, and professional service provided by Air Ambulance Worldwide.  My sister even remarked, that Air Ambulance Worldwide would be a great place to work!

The entire experience was exemplary, particularly the care of my father.  My father, a 90 year old senior with a pacemaker, had just undergone surgery for an obstruction of the transverse colon in Belize   AAWI provided intensive care from his bedside in Belize’s Keusner Hospital to his bedside in New York Presbyterian Hospital.  Fortunately, he is improving.

Throughout the entire experience with Air Ambulance Worldwide, Ryan Jones, our Flight Coordinator, was always available and took care of all the paperwork from beginning to end.  This emergency happened during the holiday season but Ryan was still available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He tirelessly answered all of our questions and patiently updated us daily on the progress of our father’s transfer.

I highly recommend AAWI to anyone in need of domestic or international Medivac services.

Cecilia and Mel Belisle

Dear Sir / Madam,

On March 4th, while vacationing in Florida, I had the unfortunate mishap of falling, with a resulting broken right hip.  My insurance company opted for me to return home via Air Ambulance, a private aircraft.  I arrived home safely on March 5th, with a great pilot and crew!

My reason for writing is to extend kudos to Rick Wendling, one of the medics on board.  Rick’s care and concern was exceptional, going beyond the call to assure my comfort on a very difficult and most painful return trip.  He stayed by my side until I was released to my home hospital.  I thought it was important to acknowledge such superb care and attention and say what an exceptional person Rick turned out to be.  I am now well on the road to recovery.  Please pass along my sincere and humble thanks for a job well done.

Many thanks,
Gwen Black

Dear Lauren,

On behalf of my family, I want to extend our thanks to our crew John and Jon, Vince and Rolf for their service.  Please let them know that because of their efforts, my father was able to pass at home in Florida, the place he loved best and among friends who came to visit before he left us.  We all appreciated their respect and good humor.  He passed over on Saturday afternoon.

I hope you understand why we were so desperate to move with speed, as we knew we didn’t have a lot of time.

Best wishes to everyone at Air Ambulance for a warm and happy year.

Jennifer Naylor

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for your help with getting my mother back to Cincinnati, OH.  I was told your staff was gentle and kind and that the flight was smooth and comfortable.  I hope we are never in this situation again, but if we are I would definitely use your services.  I really appreciate everything that you did.

Shari Schulhoff


Grace is adjusting well and seems quite happy in her new residence here in Muncie, IN. She is becoming more mobile and seems quite happy when Mike and I visit her each day. Even the great-grandchildren have visited and she was so happy. The trip you helped to arrange for Grace was wonderful. The Medical personnel were so kind and Grace arrived in comfort and was even singing part of the way. The flight was quick and easy on her. I really cannot say enough about the service you and Air Ambulance Worldwide gave us. A problem that seemed insurmountable to us was made very easy and worry free by all of you.

Thank you so very much,
Ellie and Mike Maggiotto

Air Ambulance Worldwide,

My husband, two daughters and I were transported by you from Boca Raton to Morristown, NJ on March 23. Jeff Gilliard and John Ray flew with us and I was very impressed with the care and kindness given to my husband. They were very professional, which made us all feel comfortable traveling with them at such a difficult time. They worked calmly and efficiently. Thank you for making our flight a safe and secure one.

Very truly yours,
Betty Spellman

Dear AAWI Team,

On April 6, you sent Vince, who escorted me back to Canada from Florida. He was a confident, kind and empathetic human being and would like to thank everyone involved for sending such a truly personable escort. It made my trip home much easier.

Thank you,
Bonnie Formosa

Dear Mark and Ryan,

Thank you so very much for the flawless transfer of my mom to New York City. The Medical crew Lisa and Andre were very attentive to her and the pilots Rich and Bo obviously were pros. Dana Payne was superb in cancelling, just two hours before pickup, the limousine service that I had stupidly ordered and substituted a much-needed ambulance. This made all the difference to my mom who had suddenly weakened. My thanks to you, Mark, for your calm, confident manner which assured me all would go well. Thank all of you many times over. If you need a testimonial, please use this letter.

Very truly yours,
Maurice Cory

Dear John and AAWI,

We were flown from Sydney, Australia to Miami, Florida under the care of John Ray. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated having him with us in this time of medical uncertainty. He was professional, compassionate, and very careful to be aware of our needs without intruding in our lives. He was always calm, even if things weren’t going smoothly (such as our luggage, not coming off the carousel in Miami for 45 minutes). John was very reassuring and pleasant at all times. Also he was interesting to talk to and had a good sense of humor. I don’t know how we would have managed changing airports, getting tickets, moving our luggage, going through customs without him. Also, finding our ride from Miami to Naples. It would have been a nightmare. We wish we could have him travel with us on future trips, but as a friend, not for health reasons.

Robert Young


An email will not sufficiently convey my thanks nor an adequate assessment of what I saw in action on July 27, as Despina completed the journey from Athens, Greece to Room 411 at St. Mary’s hospital. I witnessed the completely professional, amazing, and stellar “commitment come to action” that you said Air Ambulance Worldwide could and would provide. Watching service, logistics and professionalism fulfill EVERY single thing you promised was a thing of beauty – and I know my things of beauty in this world of bringing plans to life. A seamless view to the observer is always the result of a vanishing breed –corporate philosophies and professionals that fulfill and/or exceed what they profess. Intrinsic to such a business commitment is people like you – simply the best at logistics, coordination, and communication. Those communication skills also extend to challenging conversation with a protective best friend who puts you on the dime. The fact that you extended your hours and stayed with her throughout the weekend meant everything to seasoned professionals like us who have never worked a “40 hr.” week.

Xan is an extraordinary person in her own right and her gratitude for your role and assistance is overwhelming. We both cried after her mother was finally here safe and sound –all as promised and so much more. She has 4 or so major live events going on at the same time, but your service has greatly aided in getting a handle on one of them. I am sure she will arrive in your office one day soon to take you to lunch. I hope to be with her to meet and thank you in person.

Please convey my appreciation to every professional who assisted in this “mission”. There are real beneficiaries on each occasion they give a maximum effort to any part of a process.

Patricia Kramer

We recently had to find an airline to fly my mother-in-law from Texas to Virginia. She’s 93, on full-time ventilation, and not particularly mobile. I found a number of companies online. After contacting a number of companies, my wife decided to use Air Ambulance Worldwide. We were especially pleased with the friendly flight coordinators, the travel arrangements they made and the price. Our travel experience was everything that was promised. Air Ambulance Worldwide personnel carefully transported my Mother-in-Law from our home in San Antonio to our home in Northern Virginia. Everyone, including flight personnel, chipped in to make sure my Mother-in-Law received first-class service. And they were also able to accommodate two children, a caregiver, two dogs and some luggage on the Piaggio! We were very happy with the services we received from the Air Ambulance Worldwide folks — I wouldn’t think twice about using them again!

Norm Jacobson


Just a quick note to thank all of the folks at Air Ambulance Worldwide for the smooth transfer of my wife and mother-in-law from Michigan to Naples, Fl. today August 29.

The crew was excellent, prompt and very professional…my wife said the trip could not have gone better and she was completely at ease that your folks had all under control. I had my doubts as to whether we could move my 96 yr old mother-in-law 1,500 miles with minimal or no issues….but you folks did it!

The facilities on both ends also commented to me on the professional manner and the communications they received from you folks. You are a credit to your industry.

Again, thanks for your efforts.

Van & Stephanie Purdy
Marco Island, FL


I want to thank you for all the help you gave me last week in arranging to fly my husband John home by air ambulance. I appreciated your patience in answering all of my questions and getting everything lined up.

The flight home was excellent in spite of some mechanical issues with the navigation system. Our pilots were professional and thorough, and yet friendly, concerned, and extremely helpful. The captain kept us informed as to what was going on and we trusted him to make the right decisions. We were, of course, very delighted with the decision to go all the way through to Austin, Texas. When we saw the lights of Texas and Galveston, I was ready to stand up and sing the Star Spangled Banner!! America has her problems, but is the best home in the world!!

The medical staff was wonderful. Please tell Tony that yes, he was right, there was a second fracture on the femur bone, a fact that the Aruban orthopedic surgeon either missed or ignored! Both Tony and Vincent were constantly monitoring my husband and making sure he was safe and comfortable, which was a challenge with his 6’5”, 300 pound body! Simply getting his length on the plane took some maneuvering, yet both men worked together and got him on board. Like our pilots, the medics were highly professional, yet friendly, talkative, and a lot of fun to travel with.

AJohn had surgery to mend the femur, a complicated 4 hour surgery, on Monday February 20th. He is now in in-patient rehabilitation at a hospital just minutes from our home and he is doing very well. He may be there through next week and then home to finish healing. He is quite a guy and has a wonderful spirit, good outlook, and a love of life. Since the day after surgery he has been conducting business from his hospital bed and wheelchair. Life goes on!

Again, thank you to you and everyone at Air Ambulance World Wide for making a very difficult and frightening experience have a happy landing!!

Carolyn Gavurnik


It’s 6pm in Sydney on 4 April – Oscar and I arrived safely in Sydney around noon today. Oscar is well and was looked after superbly at every moment. It was an emotional scene at the airport as he met his family members on the ramp. 35 hrs from Tarmac to Tarmac, but the operation went like clockwork, and all 12 members of your crew were fantastic in spirit and execution. The stopover in Cold Bay, Alaska, is something I’ll never forget.

Would like to say more but will rest for now. Our deepest thanks to everyone.


Mr. Jones,

At the beginning of my journey to find a way to get my disabled sister to New Mexico the task seemed insurmountable but my anxiety quickly dissolved once Dana and I connected. I had no doubts once we talked that this company was committed to making this experience for my sisters and me seamless and smooth from start to finish. Dana continued to calm my jangled nerves as we got closer to flight time since I wasn’t there to accompany her on the actual flight. The medical crew on board were angels ~ when they arrived at the nursing home in Albuquerque the emotions ran high and we couldn’t thank them enough for all that they did for her. They reassured us that she thoroughly enjoyed the trip and that does not surprise me for all that Susan has medically been through ~ her outlook on life is one of pure joy so this was an exciting adventure for her.

Please share this message with each member of the staff who enabled this journey to go so effortlessly. I can say without doubt to anyone that AAWW is truly outstanding with regard to commitment, communication, and logistically coordinating what seems to the average person an impossible mission. On behalf of my sisters, I would like to thank each of you for being there for us.

Nancy Kinnemann


One of your staff, Jim Thomas, accompanied my husband and me back from France on Sept 7th. I had been in the hospital on board a cruise ship and at LeHavre for a week. Jim was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He expedited our trips through the Paris, Philadelphia and Cincinnati airports. I don’t know if we could have made it back without his help. My husband has medical problems and after my time in the hospital, I was not up to dealing with the hassle that has come to be the norm in all airports. Jim made our trip home a pleasure rather than the dread I usually have dealing with flights. We just wanted you to know that Jim did a wonderful job. He really seems to be a fine person and is certainly an excellent representative for your company.

Anne Carson


I would like to thank you for your insight and hiring practices. You must have had to search a long time to find Debbie. I have had a lot of dealings with medical staff over the past 30 years in getting treatment for my mother, but never have I dealt with a medic like Debbie. In my humble opinion she is the best I have ever met. She knows what she is doing. I could not have been more pleased with her. She thinks on her feet and is an asset to your operation. The best part was her ability to take charge of a situation and move on without anything phasing her. A true professional in every sense. Keep up the good work in the hiring department.

Thank you very much,
Tim Richards

Dear Lauren,

Thank you very much for all of the assistance that you provided to us in transferring my mother from Toledo, Ohio to New Jersey on June 30th. I must tell you that your efforts and your services made an extremely difficult situation much, much easier.

As I had indicated to you, I contacted a number of air ambulance companies as well as others that did ground transportation of persons in a delicate condition, such as my mother. The professionalism, the courtesy that was extended and the detailed information which were made available in my conversations with you made all of the difference. You were forthcoming with information and alternatives, something which other companies were reluctant to offer. You worked with me on every aspect of the transfer and facilitated and improved a very, very difficult situation.

I can never thank you enough for all of your services and assure you that we were pleased with every aspect of this transaction, from the initial contact all the way to its conclusion and follow-up.

Very truly yours,
Anita Kartalopoulos

Greetings all!

I want to tell you how wonderful it feels to be back on the ground of the good ol’ USA! I’ve never seen a more beautiful site than that of the LAX airport runway outside of our flight’s window.

We left about 6:30 am on Saturday Feb 13 from our hotel room – Chinese time – for the planes wheels to land about 2 pm Feb. 13 – America time. That’s about 17 hours. Stephen did well the entire way. Long day for both of us. I stayed at the hospital until he was checked in. He is in a room with English speaking doctors and getting the best of care. The Chinese were wonderful people and all did their best. The two medical staff people who came from Air Ambulance Worldwide were absolutely wonderful as well! We could not have gotten Stephen out without their help. They took an ambulance from the Weifang to the Quandao airport on the coast of China an hour and a half away. Then the ambulance drove right up the tarmac to the side of the aircraft, loaded him up a lifted platform, and then carried him to be located over about 3 seats on a metal table and strap him in. It had a curtain if they needed to use it. We changed planes in Korea. We were given a medical room to wait for the next plane. They we got on the flight to LAX and held our breath. Things could get complicated while in the sky and not much can be done about it then.

But we made it!!! And he is home.

THANKS to all of you at Air Ambulance Worldwide!

Dear Mark,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the team for all your help with getting Lucy back to the UK from Jamaica, where we are pleased to announce she had a beautiful baby girl. Our little daughter Poppy was born 8 weeks premature but seems to be fine and is developing nicely in her little incubator.

Please thank all of the teams who helped us, the nurses and pilots where amazing and made the trip seem a lot less dramatic than we thought it would be. In addition I would like to thank Mike for coming all the way to the frozen airport to meet us (although I think the weather got to him as he offered me his coat despite it being minus 20 in the wind!) he was a very reassuring presence. Finally I would like to thank Dana who made all this possible, she worked so hard to make sure we got home safely and I don’t think we could ever have done this without her, she is a credit to herself and your company and I hope one day Poppy will get to meet her and can thank her personally.

All our best wishes,
Lucy and Ajay Sharma

Hi Dana!

Last year on August 18, your pilot and paramedic flew Russ, my wife Karan, and me from Santa Barbara to Memphis in an attempt to obtain a liver replacement ASAP for Russ. Unfortunately, when we got to Methodist University the doctor said he would not operate on Russ because his condition was too deteriorated, and that we should take him home to die. I rejected this concept and asked that he assign a physician to try bringing Russ’ strength back, to which he agreed only to once again reject him a few weeks later. Once Russ’ “MELD score” became severe enough, UCLA asked that we transfer him back to California in preparation for an available liver. Once again, on October 7, your staff flew Russ and his brother and sister-in-law back to Santa Barbara (it was a stormy/rough flight with pilot, co-pilot, and paramedics on board).

Gratefully, Russ received his replacement liver on October 11 at UCLA. After months of recuperation, Russ has now fully recovered and enjoys driving his two new BMWs, Jeep and restoring tractors (see attached photo).

Thanks to you and the entire staff for all your efforts; it a very difficult time and you all helped immensely in achieving our goal.

Norm and Karan

“With Integrity, nothing else counts;
Without Integrity, nothing else counts.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Dear Mark and Team,

Thank you so much for the great care you took of my uncle, John Ormsby.

The neighbor from Nicaragua who was there with him at the hospital said the guys came in like marines and had complete control of the situation from the second they arrived. She was extremely impressed with your competency. I received timely and accurate updates from Lauren and Ryan throughout the evening and night and was at the hospital at 3am to meet my uncle. The gentlemen I met who had flown with John, were professional, kind, and thorough. I cannot say enough good things about how your company handled this entire situation, from start to finish. Your team is incredible. Even my uncle, with head trauma and sedated, told me at the hospital that night how impressed he was with the “guys you sent to get me.” Having your bilingual doctor speak with the doctor in Nicaragua and the doctor in Ottawa to arrange the transfer took away so much of my stress. Thank you!

John is having a 10 hour surgery tomorrow to repair both his broken collarbone and shattered pelvis. They did not have the surgical expertise to do this in Nicaragua, and he faced months of immobilized traction as treatment had he stayed there. If it weren’t for you, he would not be getting the proper care and I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you again for everything. And please pass on my thanks to all the members of your team.

Lisa Wood

Mr. Jones,

On November 5, my wife and I were passengers on a morning flight from Rome to New York City.

While sitting in the business lounge pre-flight. . . I observed your employee introducing himself and caring for a lady passenger with a broken leg who recently underwent surgery. . .
When we boarded, I was sitting very close to that woman and your employee, as they started their first leg towards their final destination of Tampa, Florida. . .

Perhaps you get this kind of unsolicited “feedback” often. . . if so, just add me to the pile!!!!

Your employee was amazingly caring and gentle in calming and caring for a woman in a very difficult circumstance. . . I know that is your job. . . but he did it so well.

You should be aware how well he represented you and your company. . . I asked for your card to place it inside my passport . . .

FYI . . . Paul Lindenauer

Dear Air Ambulance Worldwide,

On November 28, my ailing husband and I were evacuated from San Juan, PR to Dallas, TX by your company. I want to tell you how wonderful the nurses and pilots were. They were caring, kind, comforting and capable. We were in a horrible hospital in San Juan, and seeing their faces at the door knowing we were being “rescued” is something I will never forget. Thank you for providing such a vital service and for employing such excellent nurses and pilots. We will always be grateful.

Sincerely yours,
Connie Rudick

Dear Lauren,

On behalf of my mother Judith A. Dussell and her family, we want to thank you and all the staff at Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc. The service your company provided was superb. Our mother had a terminal brain tumor and wanted nothing more than to come home and see her children and grandchildren one last time before passing. You received a call from me on July 1 and within no time you had made all of the arrangements from ground transportation, correspondence between medical facilities, airports and flight crew. Our mother arrived the following evening at 10:30 PM on July 2nd along with two wonderful nurses who made sure our mom was safe in her bed before heading back to the plane. Our mother received her wish before passing on July 4. We are forever grateful for your quick response and want to thank everyone at Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc.

Susan Fourmont

To the folks at Air Ambulance Worldwide,

Now that the dust has settled and I am back in my home in stable health, I wanted to convey to you how pleased and grateful we are to have had Jeff’s able assistance on our trip from Montego Bay to Madison, WI.

From the moment Jeff persuaded the staff at Mo Bay Hope to release me to his care until I reached the emergency room at Meriter Hospital in Madison, Jeff was a consummate medical professional and interesting travel companion. While other travelers stood and sweated in long lines at the airports in Jamaica, Atlanta and Milwaukee, Jeff whisked me through without any delays or snafus. The end result was that my recovery began on the flight home even before I was admitted to the hospital.

Just as a personal note, a ct-scan of my abdomen and ultrasound of my legs showed no blood clots anywhere in my body. After 2 days in the hospital, I was released to the comfort of my home and family.

So thanks to all of you, especially Jeff, for what seems to us to have been a spectacular rescue. We will always be grateful. And we are telling our friends to purchase flight insurance so that they may be entitled to the help we received should the need arise.

Thanks again!
Bill Clark

To Air Ambulance Worldwide,

I have spent 35 years working with volunteers in the professional service of the Boy Scouts of America, which has given me considerable insight into recognizing outstanding talent when I see it. There is no doubt in my mind, after the splendid performance he gave, in our behalf, on our trip from Alaska to our home in PA, that David Crosby is a man of exceptional talent. There are a few words that describe him: caring, efficient, professional, and physically strong. When we arrived at our house, I offered him a gratuity, although no amount of money could have expressed my gratitude. He declined my offer, saying he was adequately reimbursed for his work and grateful to be of service. It was typical of his performance. In one day we became very close, philosophically, to the point that I made this statement to him, “You have in you the seed of greatness.”

You have the good fortune of having found an exceptional member for your staff. I might add, from the first phone call we got from your people, all through our harrowing experience, your service was splendid. We would be glad to give testimonial to that point any time in the future to those who travel.

Our sincere thanks,
James G. Dukovic

To Whom It May Concern,

On December 21st I was escorted home by one of your nurses from Florida after I had a near drowning experience on vacation. I was in a very vulnerable state and he was very aware of my situation and did everything he could to keep me comfortable and healthy. He was very thorough with my treatment and did everything he could to keep my vital signs normal.

After 3 months I have made a full recovery and wanted to let your company know what a great employee you have on your staff. I am very grateful that we chose your services to help me through a very difficult time.

Thank you once again,
Gregory Rayko