Flight / Transfer Process

Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc has a professional and highly trained Flight Coordinator available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our corporate center. When you call our center, the Flight Coordinator will walk you through the entire process of moving your patient, including providing you with any cost saving options that are available. Many times we have a connecting flight that we can offer that will save thousands of dollars on a transfer.


  • A Flight Coordinator will request pertinent information to provide you with a complete and thorough written proposal
  • Our medical coordinator will contact the proper medical personnel at the medical facility to obtain a brief medical report
  • Ground transportation arrangements and coordination at the departure site and the arrival city
  • The Flight Coordinator will respond to you with a written proposal that will be all inclusive. NO HIDDEN COSTS!
  • Complete communications with all parties during the entire transfer process. You identify who you would like to have updated during the transfer and we keep them informed.
  • Bed to bed medical care
  • We take care of all Customs and Immigrations requirements
  • International handling as necessary
  • A written “Authorization To Transfer” detailing the entire transfer. This is sent to the party that is financially responsible for the transfer

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