Air Ambulance Worldwide is a leading, full-service medical flight provider that offers world-class short and long-distance medevac options. We can coordinate safe, fast, effective medevac flights anywhere in the world. Call today to discuss medevac options with one of our flight coordinators – they’re available 24/7.

As a pioneer in the air ambulance industry, we have made it our mission to set the standard for quality care and safe, comfortable medical flights, earning us EURAMI accreditation as well as a Gold rating from ARGUS.

Our team of empathetic professionals will ensure that you or a loved one is transported quickly and safely while removing the stress of trying to manage logistics and the insurance process. Our experienced flight coordinators will work diligently to help find the most efficient and cost effective solution to your needs.


Medevac flights, or medical evacuation flights, are needed whenever someone gets injured or ill and needs to be moved to another level of care. Whether it’s a specialized trauma center or a hospital that is better equipped to handle the case, medevac flights allow injured or ill people to be transported safely, quickly, and with medical support.
Ski accidents, auto accidents, ATV accidents and other accidents are key reasons people need a medevac flight. Or, there’s a sudden-onset severe illness that dictates the need for a medevac.

Each medevac flight is staffed with multiple medical professionals who have additional certifications in airborne medical treatment. This helps ensure a safe flight. With bed-to-bed care, a medevac flight will begin at the hospital and end at the hospital – so loved ones managing the flight have less to coordinate.

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Air Ambulance Worldwide is proud to provide superior medevac services around the globe. We have a team of dedicated flight coordinators who will work with you to determine the best option to suit your medevac needs. Our team is available 24/7, and will work with you to determine the best option to suit your medevac needs.


Air Ambulance Worldwide provides several different air ambulance and medical flight services to suit various medical transportation needs and travel restrictions throughout the world. From medevac to long distance medical transport to medical escorts to providing commercial stretcher equipment, we are a leading, full-service mobile care provider that offers world-class transportation services to those in need of medical attention while traveling.
Some of the advantages Air Ambulance Worldwide for medical transportation include:

  • Experienced medical and extensively trained specialists who are on staff to ensure experienced care for almost any medical condition
  • Full-time, seasoned pilots
  • A team that will handle the logistics of your trip from start to finish and provide one point-of-contact for the entire process
  • A team of dedicated insurance specialists who will work diligently to obtain any insurance coverage available


Air Ambulance Worldwide is based in the US, but services almost everywhere in the world. We can dispatch our global team to your location and repatriate you to the US if needed, or we can take you almost anywhere in the world.

We have options for Transatlantic MedEvacs, Transpacific MedEvacs, MedEvacs from remote locations and more. Our list of specialties and supported conditions is deep. We offer hyperbaric medical flights for SCUBA accidents, critical care support for other accidents or illnesses, COVID medical support and more.

Air Ambulance Worldwide also does MedEvac flights from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Whether the MedEvac is from a rural area or a large city, Air Ambulance Worldwide can assist with bed-to-bed medical care.

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Air Ambulance Worldwide is a mobile intensive care provider with the expertise and experience to provide almost any level of care on a medical flight, anywhere in the world. Our dedicated, full-time team of medical experts includes physicians, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and nurses who have decades of experience and are trained handle the most advanced levels of medical care during transport. All members of our medical team have at least five years of ICU or ER experience, and we can staff and equip your flight to accommodate almost any medical condition.
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No detail is too small and no precaution is too great when your little loved one needs to be moved. Because we tailor the needs of each patient specifically for every flight, we have a team of pediatric intensive care specialists standing by to attend to the critical care needs of your little patient. Our flight coordinators and ready to ensure that every medical protocol is strictly adhered to and every aspect of the process is meticulously monitored.

Air Ambulance Worldwide is uniquely qualified to take every step necessary to ensure that a pediatric patient’s specific medical needs are met in order to provide safe and expedient transport from one medical facility to another.


If you need to move a loved one from one medical location to another anywhere across the globe, we’re here to help. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable flight coordinators are standing by 24/7, ready to plan and oversee every detail of a patient’s medical transfer, including ground transportation in the departure and arrival cities, private aircraft transportation, and a personalized medical team.

Air Ambulance Worldwide has representatives available 24/7, 7 days a week. Call today for your custom medevac flight quote.