Air Ambulance Worldwide operates a fleet of high-quality medical jets for use in medical flights, air ambulances and medevac operations. With a flawless flight record, our team of pilots and medical personnel can transport your loved one anywhere in the US or throughout the world.

When you call Air Ambulance Worldwide, our dedicated team of medical flight experts will help find the most efficient and cost-effective aircraft for your needs. Which aircraft is best suited is dependent on a number of factors, including the patient’s in-flight needs, the distance of the transport, and the current location of each jet.


A medical jet is a private jet that has been outfitted with specific equipment that allows it to operate as a flying ambulance (hence many people referring to them as “air ambulances”).

With proper medical equipment and medical support personnel, medical jets can transport everyone from critically ill patients to asymptomatic COVID cases (when needed).

Air Ambulance Medical Jet Ranges & Capacities

Learjet 35 Medical Jet

The Learjet 35 is an excellent, safe jet for medical flights including medical evacuations.

Medical Jet Range: 1,800 miles

Learjet 35 Speed: 490mph

Learjet 35 Air Ambulance Capacity: Patient, Medical Team, and 1-2 passengers

Learjet 55 Medical Jet

The Learjet 55 is another effective aircraft for medical evacuations and medical flights.

Medical Jet Range: 2,100 miles

Learjet 55 Speed: 500 mph

Learjet 55 Air Ambulance Capacity: Patient, Medical Team, and 1-2 passengers

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Gulfstream III Medical Jet

The Gulfstream III has a longer range of 3,500 miles so is frequently used for long-distance and international medical flights. The Gulfstream III is the contracted aircraft on certificate ESPA691D.

Medical Jet Range: 3,500 miles

Gulfstream III Speed: 500mph

Gulfstream III Capacity: Patient, Medical Team, and up to 6 passengers

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What Makes A Private Air Ambulance Jet Different?

A private air ambulance jet is outfitted with medical equipment that allows for safe transport of patients across the nation and the world. With dedicated flight staff that has been specially trained in transporting patients in the air, each private medical flight is one of the safest ways to transport patients long-distance.

These planes, while private jets, require extra space for medical equipment and medical specialists, so the number of passengers that can accompany each patient depends on the individual patient needs.

If desired, these jets can be reconfigured easily for a pure charter flight as a private jet.

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Depending on the aircraft, medical jets have variable ranges. Some specialize in regional transfers and can go 1,000 miles or more, whereas others are long-range jets that can go up to 3,500 miles.
If a medical flight distance exceeds the aircraft’s capacity, quick refueling stops can be scheduled along the way, greatly increasing the overall flight range of the aircraft.

Air Ambulance Worldwide Disclaimer

Air Ambulance Worldwide’s affiliate Air GATO Enterprises owns and operates its own FAA 135 Certificate, J72A436L. Air GATO Enterprises manages the AAWI owned aircraft as well as aircraft owned by separate individuals that are utilized by AAWI for air ambulance transfers. AAWI also has contracted aircraft vendors who operate under their own FAA 135 certificates. AAWI has signed contracts for aircraft arrangements with these certificate holders to provide an ambulance jet.

Air Ambulance Worldwide will do everything possible to utilize aircraft operated by our affiliate Air GATO Enterprises or our contracted/dedicated aircraft vendors, who operate under their own FAA 135 certificates. Transportation delays such as weather, travel conditions, health or safety factors, or unforeseen maintenance issues may cause Air Ambulance Worldwide to subcontract/outsource a flight to another FAA approved air ambulance company. Any questions concerning these aircraft can be answered by calling our 24/7 Operations 1-727-781-1198. Air Ambulance Worldwide runs a quality driven operation with an excellent safety record. Our in-house safety and CQI committees recommended that this disclaimer be posted publicly in a continued effort to educate the public.

Air Ambulance Worldwide also has a contract for a Gulfstream dedicated air ambulance that can utilize our medical team and protocols.