Non-emergency medical transport with medical jets allows patients who may be unable to travel conventionally due to medical conditions to travel safely from one location to another.

Sometimes, patients who are stable, but are otherwise unable to travel by conventional means are required to use non-emergency medical transportation due to oxygen requirements, mobility issues or for ease and comfort.

Additionally, there are some people who need to travel long-distances and can do so via commercial airlines, but need additional medical support. For those, commercial medical escorts can make standard commercial flights a viable option rather than needing to use a private jet.


For instance, a patient may live in Tampa, Florida, but need to see a specialist in Jacksonville, Florida. The drive may be too long for the patient and a commercial flight may be too stressful, so we offer an alternative means of transportation – long-distance non-emergency medical transport services.

Another example is an elderly mother living in a nursing home in New York may decide she wants to visit her family in North Carolina, but driving or flying commercially are not an option for her, so we offer this type of transportation for elderly people.


Our non-emergency medical transportation services are the solution in similar cases. In order to serve as many patients as possible, we have a transportation assistance program with various options for this type of transfer:

  • Fixed-wing air ambulance service
  • Commercial medical escort service
  • International commercial medical stretchers

Non-Emergency Medical Flights

If you, a loved one, or someone in your care is stable enough to travel by air but still needs medical assistance on a flight, Air Ambulance Worldwide is here to help. When you call Air Ambulance Worldwide, our specialty flight coordinators will help you evaluate all of your options and tailor a solution to the specific medical needs of the person traveling. We offer private flights on our specially equipped medical jets as well as medical escorts and stretcher service on commercial flights.

Whatever your needs, Air Ambulance Worldwide is standing by to arrange the most efficient, cost-effective way to get the patient to their destination safely and comfortably. Our flight coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you find the medical flight solution that suits your needs and your budget.

Commercial Flight Medical Escorts

A medical escort traveling with a patient on a commercial flight is an ideal solution for relocating seniors, wheelchair patients, or patients who need to be moved to a facility that offers essential care.

Sometimes, people who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes need help with monitoring and administration of diabetes medications in-flight. Other people are on oxygen support and need assistance with that through the airports and on the flights. While there are a wide range of medical needs on commercial flights, Air Ambulance Worldwide can provide trained personnel to assist with those.

Our trained and experienced healthcare professionals can provide basic medical care, assistance with hygiene and medication and ensure that the travel experience is as comfortable as possible. If a medical situation does arise during the flight, the medical escort has the training needed to appropriately respond.

Moving Elderly Parents long-distance

There are many times you need to move elderly parents long-distance, and when they’re not able to take a standard medical flight, Air Ambulance Worldwide can help. Depending on the level of care they need, Air Ambulance Worldwide can assist with facilitating a medical flight or a commercial flight medical escort.

Stretcher Service on International Flights

For patients who require a stretcher of other medical equipment on international commercial flights, Air Ambulance Worldwide can handle all the logistics. We will work with the airline to accommodate the patient’s medical needs, streamline the security process, and ensure privacy during the flight.

In addition, a highly trained medical team member will accompany the patient during the entire journey, administer care along the way, and make sure they arrive at their destination safely and as comfortably as possible.

Non-emergency medical flights on Private Medical Aircraft

If a private flight on a medical jet is desired, Air Ambulance owns and maintains our own fleet of specially equipped medical aircraft to provide, safe, efficient medical air transportation. In addition, Air Ambulance Worldwide is networked with strategic partners across the globe, and can often find, “empty legs” that our partners have available on connecting flights. This can help save money on non-emergency medical air transportation by combining your needs with an existing flight.

Non-Emergency Medical Air Transport Flight Coordinators

Air Ambulance Worldwide knows how stressful it can be to arrange travel for a loved one in a compromised condition. But rest assured: you will be in extremely capable hands from start to finish. Our specialty flight coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help find the best and most cost-effective solution to suit your needs. A flight coordinator will handle every detail of the journey, including:

  • Bed to bed service, meaning a medical team member provides assistance patient every step of the way
  • Ticketing and travel logistics
  • Working with officials to accommodate wheelchairs, oxygen, stretchers, and other medical equipment
  • Helping the patient with boarding and de-planing
  • Managing ground transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Costs

Every non-emergency medical flight is individually quoted, and costs depend on several factors. Rest assured that we will work hard to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs. Our dedicated non-emergency medical flight specialists will search to find the private, commercial, connecting or transfer flight solution that best fits your situation and generate a flight quote that is as competitive as possible.

Air Ambulance Worldwide has representatives available 24/7, 7 days a week. Call today for your custom non-emergency medical flight quote.