Moving Elderly Parents Long-Distance

Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been more and more people who are working to move elderly parents long-distance, either to be back home or to be closer to relatives who can be caregivers. However, moving them can require significant coordination.

In between deciding the best residence is a question of “how are we going to get mom and dad here?” When moving elderly people long-distance, driving can frequently be out of the question. Having them fly alone, or even with a family member, can also frequently be out of the question.
At Air Ambulance Worldwide, we have a number of solutions for moving elderly or infirm parents anywhere in the US – or the world.


One efficient and effective way to move elderly parents long-distance is with trained commercial medical escorts. This allows for parents to fly commercially, which is a significant cost savings compared to private flights. With a commercial medical escort, a medical professional will meet your parents at their location (whether it’s a home, hospital, or assisted living facility), and help coordinate getting them to the airport and onboard the plane.

The medical professional will accompany them on the flight, ensuring their medical needs are met. Then, the medical professional will assist with de-planing procedures and getting your parents safely to their destination. Whether the destination is meeting you at the airport, your home, an assisted living facility or other, the commercial medical escort will help ensure safe transport.

Call the flight coordinators at Air Ambulance Worldwide today for a free, no-obligation quote for a commercial medical escort for your loved ones.


One time it’s especially emotionally critical for elderly people to travel is for weddings, funerals or other life events. As important as these are, the logistics of long-distance travel for elderly people can be quite difficult.

Air Ambulance Worldwide is here to assist with this through the use of trained commercial medical flight escorts. Our team will assist booking flights and escort the elderly person or people through each stage of travel. They are also trained to assist with many medical needs in-flight, from insulin monitoring, to supplemental oxygen assistance, and other needs.

These services are more cost-effective than using a private medical jet, and allow for elderly people to travel long-distances safely and comfortably.


If your parents are too fragile to fly commercially, then a private medical flight is a great option for getting them safely home.
A private medical flight involves using a medically-equipped private jet staffed with trained medical personnel to move your parent or parents long-distance. Depending on the length of the trip and your parents’ needs, there are multiple sizes of jets that can be used, and different numbers of crew to have onboard to support them.

At Air Ambulance Worldwide, our fleet of private medical jets can support a wide range of needs. Whether it’s configuring one of our planes in an executive jet configuration for a comfortable private jet move, or a true flying ICU, we can support most medical needs while in flight.
Our flight crews have extensive medical experience as well as specific training for medical flight needs, so your parents will always be in good, well-trained hands.

There are also ways to keep costs as competitive as possible, so call the flight coordinators at Air Ambulance Worldwide today to discuss all of your options. You can easily get a free, no-obligation quote for a private non-emergency medical flight. The flight coordinators can also help answer any questions you may have about moving your parents long-distance, and can assist with helping you understanding all of your options for moving them.


Costs for flying elderly parents long-distance vary based on the distance traveled, the dates, whether they can fly commercially, and more. Each Air Ambulance Worldwide transport is custom-quoted by one of our flight coordinators.

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