Gulfstream III

Range: 3,500 miles
Speed: 500 mph
Capacity: Patient, Medical Team and up to 6 passengers

The Gulfstream III is a very unique aircraft with its large cargo door (6′ x 5′), special patient loading system and it is designed to accommodate up to 5 stretchers. With a single stretcher configuration, we are able to accommodate the single patient, 2 medical staff and up to 6 additional traveling companions. In select situations we may configure the aircraft with up to 5 stretchers accompanied by the best critical care medical staff in the industry. This aircraft is excellent for mass evacuations or specialized equipment such as heart pumps and dialysis.

With a range of 3,500 (NM) nautical miles, the Gulfstream III can handle international flights with minimal fuel stops. It has amenities such as an in-flight galley in which a flight attendant could serve your needs while offering first class service, especially throughout those longer flights, as well as an on board fully enclosed bathroom.

This aircraft is on AOC ESPA691D and is not currently Eurami qualified.