Medical Assistant for a Domestic Flight

Medical Assistant Oftentimes, an elderly or medically compromised person will want or need to travel via airplane for a variety of reasons such as relocation, medical treatments, family visits, and more. However, oftentimes these people are not comfortable or capable of traveling on these flights by themselves. For this reason, medical assistants are available to help these people travel safely to their destinations. Medical assistants will accompany them to the airport, help them get through security, take the plane ride them, and help them get to their final destination. During all of that, they will assist them with basic hygiene needs, medication administration, and anything else that they need.

Medical Assistants That Can Help Patients Travel to or from Anywhere in the U.S.

Since 2004, Air Ambulance Worldwide has been helping patients travel to or from anywhere in the U.S. by having medical assistants accompany them on domestic flights. Our caring medical assistant will go above and beyond to ensure their patients’ complete comfort during these flights to make the experience as easy for them as possible. Whether they need to take medications at specific times, require help in the bathroom, or just need someone they can trust to be there with them, our medical assistants can do it all.

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If you or a loved one needs a medical assistant to or from anywhere in the U.S., call Air Ambulance Worldwide today. We have flight coordinators standing by 24/7 who will be able to explain to you in detail about the services we offer and can answer any other questions that you may have.