What do I do if I’m seriously injured or ill in Europe without travel insurance?

If you become seriously or are injured and need medical care while traveling in Europe, your two options are generally to stay in Europe and receive care there; or take a medical flight home if you are too ill or injured to travel commercially.

Some of this depends not just on travel insurance, but your medical insurance. It’s worth a quick call to understand what they will or will not cover while you’re injured abroad. If they do not cover medical expenses incurred abroad, the fastest and safest option to get the care you need is generally a MedEvac flight home.

Air Ambulance Worldwide is a global provider of medical evacuation services and medical flights. A quick call to our team (available 24/7) and we can help you understand your options and the timeline for you to get home.

What are the medical flight options from Europe to the US or Canada?

You’ve got a number of options for medical flights from Europe to the US or Canada. Most options will be dictated by how ill or injured you or your loved one are. If the accident is less-severe and there’s a chance of commercial plane travel, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange a commercial flight medical escort to help with the medical logistics.

Alternatively, if you or your loved one need more support than a commercial medical escort can offer, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange for a private medical flight back to anywhere in the US or Canada.

What to do if an air ambulance or medical evacuation from Europe is necessary

If a medical evacuation is necessary, call the team at Air Ambulance Worldwide. Our flight coordinators have arranged thousands of medical flights and can walk you through each detail in the process to ensure you or your loved one gets home safely – and fast.

Emergency medical flights Europe

Our dedicated, full-time team of medical experts includes emergency physicians, trauma specialists, paramedics, and nurses who have decades of experience and are trained handle the most advanced levels of medical care during transport.

All members of our medical team have years of ICU/CCU or ER experience, so we can staff your flight to accommodate your specific medical needs.

In addition, we own and maintain a fleet of specially equipped aircraft that can be configured to provide care for almost any medical condition. These aircraft are equipped with medical equipment tailored to each patient’s needs and are flown by experienced pilots with thousands of hours flown and who specialize in medevac and trauma flight operations.

Our spotless safety record has earned us both an ARGUS Gold safety rating as well as EURAMI accreditation, which is only given to mobile air service providers that comply with stringent medical protocols and have exceptional safety records.

Connecting medical flights

Air Ambulance Worldwide is networked with strategic partners across the globe, and we receive daily correspondence informing us of connecting flights that our partners have available. This provides Air Ambulance Worldwide with an excellent opportunity to save you money on your medical flight by combining your needs with an existing flight. Quite frequently, we can connect with empty legs of these flights to reduce costs.

How does a medical flight from Europe to the US or Canada get arranged?

From the moment you call Air Ambulance Worldwide, an expert flight coordinator will be assigned exclusively to your case and will handle every detail of the journey. Your flight coordinator will:

  • Manage all logistics of the trip, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible
  • Arrange immediate medical assistance and evacuation from the departure location to the destination facility
  • Coordinate your extensively trained medical staff
  • Provide medical reports to the receiving facility and provide continuous updates throughout the process
  • Have paramedic, orthopedic, pediatric, and geriatric specialists on hand as needed
  • Provide one point-of-contract throughout the entire travel process
  • Work tirelessly to achieve any insurance coverage reimbursement available

Europe medical flight costs without travel medical insurance

We will do our best to limit out-of-pocket expenses and find the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs. Each Air Ambulance Worldwide medical flight is individually quoted, and costs depend on several factors, including the level of care the patient needs, the distance to be traveled, and the current location of our airplanes. Our dedicated Air Ambulance Flight Specialists will work with you and your specific situation to generate a flight quote that is as competitive as possible.

Air Ambulance Worldwide has representatives available 24/7, 7 days a week. Call today for your custom Europe air ambulance quote.