How does a MedEvac from Europe to Canada Work?

Medical Evacuation from Europe to Canada

If you become seriously ill or have been injured while traveling in Europe, your Canadian health insurance may not pay your medical bills. Your provincial or territorial health plan may also not cover, or only reimburse a small part of the costs of your medical care abroad and won’t pay your bills up front. Additionally, unless you have a travel insurance policy that specifically covers a medical evacuation to Canada, you may choose to take a private medevac flight back to Canada.

Air Ambulance Worldwide is a global medical air transportation provider that has been in business since 2004. Air Ambulance Worldwide has the equipment and the medical personnel to administer almost any level of care during a medevac flight, almost anywhere in the world.

We offer multiple options, depending on the level of care needed, and our specialized Medical Flight Coordinators are standing by 24/7 to answer questions and help you find the right solution for your needs and budget.

They’ll handle every detail so that you or your loved one can get back to Canada and Canadian medical care as quickly and safely as possible, and they will work hard to navigate international logistics and the insurance process.

Expertly staffed medical flights to from Europe to Canada

Our dedicated, full-time team includes medical professionals, including doctors, with experience in emergency care, trauma, ECU/CCU, pediatrics, geriatrics, respiratory and cardiac care. Our paramedics and nurses have decades of experience and are trained handle the most advanced levels of medical care during transport.

We own and maintain our own fleet of specially equipped aircraft and have medical teams on standby, which can be configured to accommodate almost any medical condition. Our spotless safety record has earned us both the prestigious ARGUS Gold safety rating as well as EURAMI accreditation, which are only awarded to medical air carriers that adhere to the most stringent safety protocols.

Air ambulance solutions from Europe to Canada

Depending on the patient’s condition and specific medical care needs, our specialized Medical Flight Coordinators can suggest several options for your medical evacuation back to Canada. These include:

  • Emergency medical flights on our aircraft. Our planes can function as flying ICU’s, flown by experienced pilots and attended by physicians, paramedics and nurses that are trained experts in handling serious medical conditions
  • Non-emergency medical flights on our aircraft. If the patient is relatively stable, but still needs to be transported from Europe to Canada quickly and with some medical assistance, a non-emergency flight on one of our aircraft can often be scheduled. This allows us to search for other patients needing medical flights to or from the same destination so the aircraft can be utilized in both directions and costs can be reduced substantially.
  • Stretcher service on international commercial flights. This service is available for patients who cannot sit upright for long periods or who need to be lying flat during the flight. A medical professional with accompany and provide care to the patient throughout the entire journey. This service is available between international airports at major cities.
  • Medical escorts on commercial flights. We provide medical escort service on commercial flights for patients who are stable but still need some assistance with medical or hygiene needs as well as with boarding, customs and maneuvering through busy airports. A qualified flight nurse or flight paramedic travels with the patient to provide care throughout their journey.

24/7 help with medical flights from Europe to Canada

Our Medical Flight Coordinators are available 24/7 and will work with you to determine the quickest and safest option to suit your needs. Your flight coordinator will:

  • Arrange immediate medical assistance and evacuation from the departure location
  • Provide one point-of-contract throughout the entire travel process
  • Assign a team of experienced medical flight pilots
  • Coordinate your medical staff to provide the level of care needed
  • Provide medical reports and continuous updates to the receiving facility
  • Manage all logistics of the trip
  • Work to help find a receiving bed in Canada

MedEvac flights from Canada to Europe

In addition to offering medical flights from Europe to Canada, we also can help with medical flights from Canada to Europe. One instance where we can help is with getting people home to Europe after snowmobiling accidents.

Medevac from Europe to the U.S. Flight Costs

While we will work hard to find any insurance coverage available and limit your out-of-pocket expenses, each Air Ambulance Worldwide medical evacuation flight from Europe to Canada is individually quoted, and your costs will depend on several factors.

These include the level of care the patient needs, the total distance to be traveled and the current location of our airplanes. Rest assured that our dedicated flight specialists will work with you to generate a medevac quote that is as competitive as possible.

Air Ambulance Worldwide has representatives available 24/7, 7 days a week. Call today for your custom Europe to Canada medevac quote.