How to Become an Air Ambulance Paramedic

Air Ambulance Being an air ambulance paramedic can be an interesting and satisfying job. Not only do you never know what type of situation you’ll be dealing with on any given day, but you’ll also have the opportunity to help people who truly need it. If this seems like a career you’d be interested in, you’ll have to complete the following steps in order to become an air ambulance paramedic:

  • Become an emergency medical technician (EMT) – The first step in becoming an air ambulance paramedic is to become a licensed EMT.
  • Enter a paramedic training program – After you get your EMT certification, you’ll need to enter a paramedic training program. These programs usually require you to have a certain number of years’ experience as an EMT before they accept you into the program.
  • Complete air ambulance training – After you’ve become a paramedic, you can start air ambulance training. This is usually a 32-hour class over the span of four days, where you’ll learn about flight safety, different types of aircrafts, and other important things to ensure your success as an air ambulance paramedic.
  • Find a job – After you’ve completed all of the aforementioned steps, you’re ready to become an air ambulance paramedic, and it’s time to start looking for a job.

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