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When Air Ambulance Worldwide was formed, the owner’s goal was to always look for a way to control costs and still maintain the highest possible level of service. Because an air ambulance transfer is costly, and the company will not ever allow the service to be minimized by cutting corners, the most effective way to achieve this is to put multiple transfers together.


Once you have contacted one of our Flight Coordinators they will immediately begin the process of looking for a backhaul. Basically this is to utilize the aircraft in both directions vs. one family having to pay for the aircraft to fly round trip with one leg empty. Once we are contacted by you, we go out to our daily clients (assist companies and insurance companies), hospitals and other open inquiries to see if your transfer can be put with another. We work diligently to reduce your cost. Many times this is successful and we are going to do everything possible to lower your cost.

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All aircraft have two critical care medical staff onboard. When required we supply an Emergency Room Physician for special cases.

Air Ambulance Worldwide specializes in European and Pacific Rim transfers.


Cost Saving Features

Strategically Located Partners

As we have mentioned before, the most costly part of the entire transfer is the operation of the aircraft. The more miles the aircraft has to fly, the more costly the transfer becomes. If you call an operator that does not have an aircraft located in close proximity to your patient, they must fly a great number of ferrying miles (empty miles) to reach the patient which adds to the transfer cost. Therefore Air Ambulance Worldwide has spent a tremendous amount of time and resources to locate, identify, qualify and approve only the best of operators around the world. This, in turn, allows Air Ambulance Worldwide to respond to you with a timely pick up of your patient by using a nearby aircraft and premiere medical team that saves you money.

Connecting Flights

Air Ambulance Worldwide is networked with all of our Strategic Partners in the United States and around the world. Daily, Air Ambulance Worldwide receives correspondence informing them of connecting flights, that these partners have available. This provides Air Ambulance Worldwide with an excellent opportunity to save you money on your patient transfer by joining your need with an existing flight. When Air Ambulance Worldwide accomplishes this, which happens quite frequently, you save money due to fewer miles flown.

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