What to do When You’re Stuck Abroad due to a Positive COVID-19 Test

Due to COVID-19, regulations around getting into and out of countries are changing quickly. During the summer of 2021, when US citizens or residents go abroad, the government is requiring proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure back to the US.

But what happens when you’re abroad and the test comes back positive, even if you’re asymptomatic?

Asymptomatic Positive COVID-19 Test Abroad

When a US citizen or resident has a positive COVID-19 test when abroad, currently, they must quarantine in the country they are in for 14 days, and cannot retake the test for 16 days.

This means you could be stuck for 16 days or more in another country.

Getting Back to the US with a Positive COVID-19 test

Air Ambulance Worldwide can assist you getting home – even today or tomorrow – if you have a positive COVID-19 test abroad.

While you cannot get on a commercial flight home, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange a private air ambulance flight and get you home safely & quickly.

If you or a loved one has COVID-19 and is symptomatic, Air Ambulance Worldwide has medical providers on every flight who can treat you or your loved one while returning you home.

COVID-19 Medical Flights to the US

Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange a COVID-19 medical flight for you to get home, and we will handle all of the regulations for immigration and customs to get you home safely and quickly.

Air Ambulance Worldwide arranges medical flights from almost anywhere in the world, flying between six continents. Our private medical jets can often fly into smaller airports than many commercial flights, so there’s a chance you can fly out of an even more convenient airport than the major airports.

Air Ambulance Worldwide arranges safe transport from wherever you are quarantining to the medical flight, and then can assist with arrangements to get you home or to the hospital from the airport in the US.

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COVID-19 Medical Flight Costs

Each COVID-19 Air Ambulance is individually quoted based on location, level of care needed, and time frame. Medical Flight consultants are available with Air Ambulance Worldwide 24/7 and will help you arrange as cost-competitive flight as possible.

Call today for assistance arranging a COVID-19 flight to get back to the US.