Commercial Medical Escort Services to or from Savannah, GA

Commercial Medical Escort Savannah GAAir Ambulance Worldwide provides first-rate commercial medical escort services for patients traveling to or from Savannah, Georgia. We serve most every country in the world, helping patients in medically compromised conditions travel for treatment or relocation purposes, either in our specially equipped aircraft or as a companion service on commercial flights. In all our years of providing service, we remain an incident- and accident-free provider, so you can trust that we will get you, your loved one, or a patient under your care to his or her destination safely and comfortably.

We provide several levels of service for travel to or from Savannah, GA, depending on the patient’s needs. Our services include:

  • Commercial medical escort – This is a popular service for elderly patients who need to relocate. A member of our medical team will accompany the client on a commercial airline flight, providing basic medical, hygiene, and comfort care.
  • Air ambulance – The patient travels aboard one of our special aircraft with two medical attendants, who will accompany him or her from the current location to the destination facility.
  • Commercial stretcher service – If a patient needs to travel internationally and must remain prone during the process, we will make arrangements with a commercial airline to accommodate a stretcher, and will accompany the patient the entire trip, providing medical, hygiene, and comfort care as needed.

Regardless of the service needed, we will manage all of the logistics of the process, making the trip as easy as possible for the patient. We will even arrange for the transfer of all medical records to avoid any interruption of care.

For more information on our private and commercial medical escort services for patients traveling to or from Savannah, GA, or to book a flight, contact Air Ambulance Worldwide today by calling 727-781-1198 or 877-922-9675.