Will my Air Ambulance Cost be Covered by My Health Insurance Plan?

Air Ambulance Insurance CostAmong the many things to think about when looking into an air ambulance service is whether the cost will be covered by insurance. Air Ambulance Worldwide understands how stressful the process of dealing with insurance companies can be, so we aim to take much of that stress off of our clients’ plates. We are reputable aviation and medical professionals that have been in business since 2004, and aim to give our clients superb bedside-to-bedside service that gets them to their destinations comfortably and safely. What’s more, we have a team of professionals who can assist with navigating the maze that can be filing an insurance claim.

The main factor that will determine whether an air ambulance transport is covered by insurance is whether the transport is deemed medically necessary. This means that the air ambulance service cannot simply be for the convenience or financial gain of the patient, but that by transporting the patient he or she will receive a higher level of care than can be administered at his or her current location. But because we know it is not always clear whether this requirement is met, Air Ambulance Worldwide is more than happy to assist with:

  • Contacting the private insurance company to determine whether the cost is covered
  • Filing the claim on the patient’s behalf
  • Following up on the claim until it is resolved

To learn more about our medical transport services, contact Air Ambulance Worldwide today. You can reach one of our flight coordinators 24/7 by calling 727-781-1198 or our toll free number 877-922-9675.