Will An Emergency Air Evac Be Covered by My Private Insurance?

Air Evac InsuranceIf you’re wondering whether your emergency air evac will be covered by your private health insurance, Air Ambulance Worldwide is here to help. In addition to offering personalized air ambulance services and compassionate medical care, we provide unrivaled support from a team that will not only make the entire process as smooth as possible by managing all of the logistics of the medical transportation, but will also take every measure to ensure you receive the appropriate coverage.

Although there are a number of elements that come into play when determining if your insurance provider will cover your medical flight, the greatest factor is establishing whether the air ambulance service is “medically necessary.” This means that the treatment needed must align with the established standards of medical practice, not be for the financial benefit or convenience of the parties involved, and be clinically fitting in terms of location, extent, and frequency.

No matter your condition or situation, our insurance team has the experience to navigate the maze with insurance companies to help you receive reimbursement for your air evac. You can depend on our specialists to:

  • Alleviate the headache of trying to manage your insurance claim
  • Verify whether or not your private insurance will provide coverage
  • Track, file, and process your claim through to the end

Our caring staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding your medical air evac and whether or not your insurance will provide coverage. To learn more, give Air Ambulance Worldwide a call today at 727-781-1198 or 877-922-9675.