Air Ambulance Services to and from Atlanta and other North Georgia Cities

Air Ambulance AtlantaAir Ambulance Worldwide proudly provides medical air transportation to patients traveling to or from Atlanta, Georgia, and many other cities in the Southeast and the world. If you must arrange a medical air escort for a loved one or an injured or ill person under your care to or from the Metro Atlanta region, we can assure you that the trip will be safe and smooth.

Air Ambulance Worldwide’s global headquarters is located in the Tampa Bay area, an hour’s flight away from Atlanta, so we are proud to call the American Southeast our home. And whether a patient needs emergency transport or requires a friendly medical professional to simply oversee their condition during travel, we have a service that will meet their needs.

For example, our full-service medical air transport services include:

  • Medical escort –Ideal for older, senior citizen patients who need assistance during flights to or from Atlanta, GA, this bedside-to-bedside service includes a medical professional from our team flying with the patient commercially and attending to their needs.
  • Air ambulance –For patients requiring transfer to one medical facility to another in Atlanta, GA, or other cities in southeastern U.S., this service includes at least two highly experienced medical professionals accompanying the patient. We will facilitate transfer to and from the facilities and even assist with insurance companies as well.
  • Stretcher flights (international only) –Best for patients restricted to a stretcher or wheelchair, this service includes a highly skilled medical attendant flying with the patient on international commercial flights. We will make the arrangements with the airline to ensure that adequate space for the stretcher and any necessary medical equipment is available.

Find out more about our comprehensive stretcher, air ambulance, and medical escort services today. E-mail us or call Air Ambulance Worldwide at 877-922-9675 and we’ll be happy to find the medical transport option that works for your or a loved one flying to or from Atlanta, GA, or other communities in the Southeast.