Air Ambulance Worldwide Provides the Safest and Highest Level of Care

Whether you are a hospital case manager needing to transport a patient, or you are the family member of someone in need of a medical air transport, Air Ambulance Worldwide is here for you. We offer a wide range of medical transport services, and our knowledgeable and friendly flight coordinators are standing by to help you determine the best service for your case.

We Handle All Logistics from Bedside to Bedside

If you are a hospital case manager, let us alleviate some of your workload by handling all the planning and travel arrangements required to move your patient from his or her current location to the final destination. The patient will be under our expert and compassionate medical care the entire time.

Caring and Comprehensive Services for Family Members

For those looking to relocate a loved one who is medically compromised, our flight coordinators are available 24/7 to discuss your family member’s medical needs, and whether a medical escort on a commercial flight or a medical transport in one of our private planes is the best course of action.

We Accept Private Insurance

For medical transport flights that are considered medically necessary, Air Ambulance Worldwide will submit the claim to private insurance or Florida Medicaid and see it through to completion.

A Trusted Resource for Case Managers and Families

Air Ambulance Worldwide will work with you and gain a thorough understanding of your patient’s or loved one’s specific medical condition in order to provide a safe and efficient medical transport solution.

  • After every flight, we fully sanitize the entire cabin using a state of the art Saniswiss disinfectant machine
  • Our services include 100 percent of the necessary arrangements to transfer a patient
  • We own a fleet of private planes that are fully equipped for medical transportation
  • If flying commercially is a better option, one of our medical professionals can escort the patient the entire way while providing necessary care
  • Travel arrangements can include an accompanying family member
  • We have insurance specialists on staff who can bill private insurance or Florida Medicaid for medically necessary flights, giving you one less issue to worry about
  • Our flight coordinators answer our phones 24/7 to discuss a patient’s specific needs and recommend the appropriate services
  • Our medical professionals have at least five years of ICU experience and our flight safety record is flawless

Air Ambulance Worldwide – A Trusted Medical Flight Provider

Air Ambulance Worldwide is a medical air service provider with extensive experience and expertise transporting patients with various medical conditions to and from destinations around the world. Our medical professionals have a minimum of five years of ICU experience and are certified in flight physiology, so they are aware how different conditions and medications are affected by flight altitude. We pride ourselves on our 100 percent accident-free safety record and our fleet of fully equipped private jets. Air Ambulance Worldwide goes above and beyond to provide peace of mind for our patients and their family members during a stressful time by handling all of the planning required to transport a patient, and providing top-quality, bed-to-bed care throughout their private or commercial flight. Whether you are a hospital case manager or a family member of a patient, contact Air Ambulance Worldwide 24/7 today to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable flight coordinator.

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