What Happens if I’m in a Bad Accident Abroad and Need a Medical Flight Home?

One of the best parts of vacation is all the fun new things to try – but sometimes, those things don’t go as planned. If you’re in a bad accident abroad and need medical attention to get home, Air Ambulance Worldwide can help with a private medical flight or commercial flight medical escort.

Generally, if you’re injured severely enough abroad that you’re unable to fly home commercially, you’ll typically have a friend, family member, or travel companion arranging your transportation home. That’s where Air Ambulance Worldwide comes in; when you call our team 24/7, we’re able to understand assess what’s happened, determine the type of medical flight your loved one is likely to need, and give you an estimate of the costs.

Every case is different, but typically, people in accidents abroad stay in a local hospital long enough to get stabilized, and then are repatriated to their home country via private medical flight. Air Ambulance Worldwide can support a variety of medical conditions, from people who need ICU-level care to those who are even asymptomatic for COVID and need a MedEvac home.

ATV Accidents Abroad

ATV excursions, from cruises or hotels, are some of the most popular and fun adventures. However, ATV accidents can and do happen. When these happen, Air Ambulance Worldwide can dispatch one of our custom-fit medical planes to retrieve your loved one. Depending on the situation, one to two additional people can also take the medical flight back.

Car Accidents Abroad

Car accidents can happen, whether you’re at home or abroad. When you’re abroad, get in a serious car accident, and need to get home, Air Ambulance Worldwide can assist.

In some circumstances, injuries are in a middle ground – they’re not necessarily severe enough to necessitate a private medical flight, but they’re also too severe to take the original flights home. In this case, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange for a professional medical escort who can assist the injured person through the airport and boarding process, and then to their final destination.

No matter which option, Air Ambulance Worldwide provides care from bed to bed – whether it’s a hospital bed or recuperating in a hotel bed. Call us 24/7 to understand the full range of medical transportation options.

Medical Flights after Jet Ski Accidents

Jet Skis are fast, fun water toys – but when things go awry, jet ski accidents can mean that you or a loved one need a fast medical flight home for medical care. Whether it’s in Cancun, Cozumel, the Bahamas, Jamaica, or almost anywhere else in the world, Air Ambulance Worldwide has gotten many people home after jet ski accidents.

Medical flights can be arranged quickly, and can get you or your loved one home fast – which means they are closer to the care they need to recover.

What to Do After SCUBA Accidents

SCUBA accidents, especially in deep water, frequently necessitate an urgent transfer to a hyperbaric chamber. There are only a few hyperbaric chambers around the Caribbean, but Air Ambulance Worldwide can transport you or a loved one there quickly.

These urgent MedEvac flights can be arranged within hours and are there to save lives. Call Air Ambulance Worldwide now for more information on arranging a fast medical flight to a hyperbaric chamber.

Mountain Biking Accidents

Mountain biking is an adrenaline-filled adventure, but sometimes trails can be too tight, too steep, or things just happen. When a serious mountain biking accident occurs far from home, call Air Ambulance Worldwide to get your or your loved one home fast.

If you’re abroad and have a mountain biking accident, it’s likely you’ll want to get home to medical care you’re familiar with quickly. Air Ambulance Worldwide has global reach and can get you to your home, or to specialty hospitals throughout the world. Call our team 24/7 to arrange a fast, safe medical flight.

Kitesurfing Accidents

Busy kitesurfing beaches in Cabarete, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean can cause many different kitesurfing accidents. Whether your loved one has been hit by a gust of wind, had a bad fall, fallen into a building, or had a bad incident of line tangling, kitesurfing accidents can be severe and require immediate treatment.

Air Ambulance Worldwide operates private MedEvac flights into and out of the Caribbean to get you or your loved one home safely & quickly. With a full medical staff of trained professionals, your loved one can get the care they need to begin recovery. Whether they need full ICU-level care or medical support while flying, Air Ambulance Worldwide has solutions to get them home. Call 24/7 to find out more about how we arrange medical transportation and to get a price quote.

Ski & Snowboard Accidents

Ski and Snowboard accidents frequently require intense orthopedic or spinal support; and Air Ambulance Worldwide has the resources to help people get home after ski or snowboard accidents.

If there’s a spinal cord injury, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange a private medical jet flight to top hospitals throughout the world to begin treatment and rehab. Or, if there’s a broken leg or similar accident, Air Ambulance Worldwide can also arrange commercial flight medical escorts to make getting home easier.

Our specialists are available 24/7 to take your call and begin arranging your medical flight. Call today so we can get your loved one home quickly.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Air Ambulance Worldwide can help with MedEvac flights when someone is in an accident on a cruise ship or a cruise excursion.