Trust the Professionals at Air Ambulance Worldwide

Our pilots, medical staff, insurance specialists, and flight coordinators are consummate professionals.

Air Ambulance Worldwide – A Renowned Medical Flight Provider

Air Ambulance Worldwide is fully accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute, and has received a gold rating from ARGUS, one of the most trusted third party reviewers of private charter flights. Our aviation, medical, and administrative staff are utmost professionals who can be trusted to transport patients safely while providing reliable support to their family members and case managers.

We Own Our Fleet of Aircraft

Air Ambulance Worldwide has our own fleet of aircraft outfitted with the same medical equipment found in intensive care units, in addition to having highly qualified operating partners in other countries, giving us the ability to respond to flight requests quickly anywhere around the world.

Our Flawless Flight Record

Our pilots are aviation experts with an average of 14,000 flight hours, and we do not have one accident or incident on our flight records.

Flight Physiology-Certified Staff

In addition to having at least five years of experience in an ICU, each of our medical staff has undergone flight physiology certification, so they can anticipate how the altitude will affect medications and the patient’s physical condition.

Specially Trained Medical Professionals and a Flawless Flight Record

Air Ambulance Worldwide can be trusted to transport your patient or loved one with utmost care.

  • Knowledgeable flight coordinators are available 24/7 to discuss your patient’s or loved one’s needs
  • We consider the comfort of our patients and alleviating the stress of their family members and case managers to be our No. 1 priority
  • We can accommodate many high-risk patients that other companies can’t or won’t
  • Our flight record is flawless: We are 100 percent incident- and accident-free
  • Our insurance specialists can submit claims to private insurance companies and Florida Medicaid for medically necessary flights

Air Ambulance Worldwide – A Trusted Medical Flight Provider

Air Ambulance Worldwide is a medical air service provider with extensive experience and expertise transporting patients with various medical conditions to and from destinations around the world. Our medical professionals have a minimum of five years of ICU experience and are certified in flight physiology, so they are aware how different conditions and medications are affected by flight altitude. We pride ourselves on our 100 percent accident-free safety record and our fleet of fully equipped private jets. Air Ambulance Worldwide goes above and beyond to provide peace of mind for our patients and their family members during a stressful time by handling all of the planning required to transport a patient, and providing top-quality, bed-to-bed care throughout their private or commercial flight. Whether you are a hospital case manager or a family member of a patient, contact Air Ambulance Worldwide 24/7 today to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable flight coordinator.

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