Specialized Medical Flight Services

Air Ambulance Worldwide offers a variety of specialized medical flight services, to support you or your loved one when medical transportation is needed.

ECMO Medical Flights

Air Ambulance Worldwide offers ECMO on medical flights & air ambulances. As a core service, we use our own equipment, with our own team, our own specialized perfusionist, and specialized medical staff on the flight.

We are one of the few medical flight providers in the world who have comprehensive ECMO support in-flight, so call us today to learn more about ECMO flights.

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Medical Flights for Transplant Patients & Organs

Another specialized service Air Ambulance Worldwide offers are medical flights for transplant patients as well as organs.

Frequently, matching the location of a transplant organ with a transplant recipient requires time-sensitive transportation to ensure the organ is viable for the recipient. Air Ambulance Worldwide has a strong network of jets that can ensure your organ and the transplant recipient are in the right place at the right time.

Our team is trained in medical support for transplant, so call us 24/7 to organize a medical flight for either a patient or an organ.

COVID Medical Flights

For COVID-positive patients, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange medical flights to or from almost anywhere in the world. We specialize in working with countries on entry protocols, allowing COVID-positive people to get to treatment.

Even for people who test positive for COVID while abroad and are asymptomatic, Air Ambulance Worldwide can assist with repatriation.

Our medical team has experience working with patients who are at all points of COVID, from the asymptomatic to those who need life support during transport. Call today to find out more about how Air Ambulance Worldwide helps with COVID medical flights.

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Life Support & Critical Care Medical Flights

Air Ambulance Worldwide offers life support during critical care medical flights and arranges bed to bed care for patients. Whether they’re moving to be at a medical facility closer to home or one that has a higher level of care, Air Ambulance Worldwide provides life support medical flights.

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Hyperbaric Medical Flights

With our specialized medical aircraft, Air Ambulance Worldwide can provide hyperbaric medical flights to or from almost anywhere in the world. Recover from a SCUBA accident & more while getting home safely with hyperbaric flights.