Piper Chieftain

Range: 900 miles
Speed: 215 mph
Capacity: Patient, Medical Team and 1 or 2 passengers
Certificate: Chieftain managed on Certificate J72A

The Piper Chieftain is a large twin engine piston aircraft that has a very large cabin capable of accommodating the patient, two medical staff and two passengers. The stretcher is a Spectrum Stretcher with the latest technology. We also, have a patient boarding system that attaches to the stretcher and then extends all the way out of the large cargo door and then down to the tarmac. This system is the safest in the industry for loading and unloading of the patient.

Luggage is not a problem with the Chieftain due to the very large wing lockers that can fit articles as wide as 21 inches, high as 8 inches and each wing locker is over 6 feet in length. With all of this weight our Chieftain can still take off and land at airports with shorter runways due to the fact that it is equipped with a VG kit that provides several hundred pounds of additional lift. The versatility of this aircraft is marvelous and the value is unmatched in the industry.

Minimum runway length is 3,500 feet for the Chieftain, where most jets require 5,000 foot runways for air ambulance operations.