Commercial Medical Escorts

Air Ambulance Worldwide provides Commercial Escorts Transfers (Air Escorts) to patients worldwide via various Commercial Airlines as a more economical solution to a private air ambulance travel.

An illness or injury while traveling can be one of the most stressful situations a person or family has to handle. Simple tasks like booking a flight or transportation, not to mention dealing with Doctors, Hospitals and Insurance Companies, tend to be magnified under such demanding circumstances.

Air Escort ServiceThis is where AIR AMBULANCE WORLDWIDE’s air escort come to the rescue. We have the ability to step in to these stressful and emotional situations and take charge, leaving you to focus 100% of your attention on your patient or loved one. AIR AMBULANCE WORLDWIDE’s well trained staff will seamlessly take you through the trials and tribulations associated with airport challenges, transportation issues and even language barriers; becoming the “Guardian Angel” that will get you home safely.

Our medical staff is put through a stringent screening process with our Medical Director before being approved for AIR AMBULANCE WORLDWIDE standards. All staff is required to have and maintain a current state license, a minimum of 5 years of ER / ICU / CCU experience, and have been trained in Flight Physiology. Medical staff is then put through a detailed and unique training process both at our airport / hangar office as well as our coordination call center with our in house flight coordination personnel. Once training is complete, each new staff member is issued a copy of our Policy and Procedure Manual as well as our Employee Handbook, to reference throughout their employment with AIR AMBULANCE WORLDWIDE.

AIR AMBULANCE WORLDWIDE has also implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) Program to ensure the highest level of service and quality in every aspect of our business. From the first point of contact with a client and/or patient to the delivery of the patient into the bed at their final destination, we guarantee the finest Air Escort available.

Our TQM program is an integral part of the entire company and is utilized throughout all departments. It is structurally designed to incorporate the priorities of appropriate patient care, safety at all times and vigilance with continuous patient monitoring, applying all of the pre-flight information provided. This program is an 8-Step process that encourages all company employees to participate in discovering and bringing to the committee any area of potential / continual improvement.

Air Ambulance Worldwide has achieved the prestigious European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) Accreditation. EURAMI is recognized as the top accreditation body in the United States and Europe for air medical evacuation providers. Their certification is a mark of trust and reliability for patients. The EURAMI International Accreditation represents excellent service for patients utilizing air medical transportation. This includes a high level of safety and quality in terms of capabilities, medical management and qualifications, aircraft configuration and equipment, operational issues, communications, management policies and quality management. With this accreditation, Air Ambulance Worldwide joins an elite group of organizations recognized by EURAMI.