Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc.

Air Ambulance Services for San Diego, L.A., and elsewhere in Southern California

Air Ambulance San DiegoAir Ambulance Worldwide, Inc. is a medical air transportation company serving San Diego, Los Angeles and all of Southern California. We are committed to providing the best possible care and the safest, most comfortable medical air transport for patients traveling to or from Anaheim, Newport Beach, or elsewhere in the region. Our experienced, well-trained team of medical professionals, seasoned pilots, and flight coordinators can efficiently facilitate an emergency or non-emergency transfer for you, an ailing loved one, or a patient in your care with as little as two hours’ notice in some cases.

Our air ambulance services are ideal for patients who must travel a significant distance to or from San Diego and need specialized medical care along the way. Our clients have included cancer patients, head and/or spine injury patients, geriatric patients, among many others. Our services include:

  • Air ambulance – Comprehensive bed-to-bed service, during which at least two of our experienced medical team members will accompany the patient on their journey. This includes assistance in locating and arranging for a receiving facility in the San Diego area, if necessary. Insurance assistance also is available from our staff, if required.
  • Medical escort – A bed-to-bed service in which a member of our medical staff accompanies a patient flying commercially, attending to the patient’s basic hygiene, oxygen, medication and overall comfort during the transfer. This service is ideal for senior citizens who need professional assistance to fly comfortably and safely.
  • Commercial stretcher medical flights (international only) – When stretcher-bound patients must fly commercially, we make special arrangements with the airline to accommodate the stretcher and any necessary equipment on board the aircraft. All of the patient’s needs will be met throughout the transfer as they are accompanied by the appropriate medical personnel.

If you would like to learn more about the air ambulance services we provide to or from San Diego, L.A., or elsewhere in Southern California, please call (toll free) 877-922-9675 or e-mail us. Your call will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. We proudly provide elite medical air transport services to patients and case managers throughout the world.